11/03/2018 - Both sites updated with latest tables, results, high finishes and 180s - Apologies for the slight delay

The following link is the temporary address of our new website - https://theref7.wixsite.com/wokingdarts.

We are still in the process of obtaining a new web address for the website.  Again, once this is arranged, this will become the new website for the league and this old one will cease to exist or be updated.

Raffle tickets to play Steve Beaton at our Presentation and Exhibition night are still available from either Barry Kenna from Surrey A (Premier Division), myself at New Haw (Division 1) and Scott Wilson from Surrey B (Division 2). 


We are delighted to announce we have booked 'The Bronzed Adonis' Steve Beaton to present trophies and put on an Exhibition at our Presentation Evening on Tuesday 5th June! 

Attendance on the evening will be free as normal but tickets for the chance to play Steve will be first available at the next Divisional Competition on Tuesday 30th January 2018.  Tickets will cost 5 each.  
Each Division will be allocated 50 tickets each - players can purchase more than 1 ticket if they wish.  
If tickets are all sold, further tickets will be available at later dates.

A new website is currently in the process of being built - watch this space!

Gentle reminder; under Rule 6 of our league rules, new players can no longer be signed on this season.

Captains and Secretaries - please ensure that results are text to the number at the bottom of the new results cards, not to the old one as that is no longer being used!

Also remember that any 180s or High Shot Outs (100+) for either team should also be text through with the result so they can be added to the website quicker.  If they don't get text or put on the card, they won't get added!
Please pass this on to your teammates and anyone you know who does not access our Facebook page.