22/10 - League Shield 1st Round results, table, 180s and High Finishes updated. 

2nd Round draw has been made and can be found in the League Shield Tab.
Games to be played Tuesday 28th November


*Also note that I am currently away until 29th Oct.  I am able to receive texts and calls etc. but have not taken away any contact details.*
*If you need details for opponents in the next week, please contact Scott Wilson*  

Winter League 2017-18

Captains and Secretaries, please ensure that results are text to the number at the bottom of the new results cards as it is a new number, not to the old one as that is no longer being used!

Also remember that any 180s or High Shot Outs (100+) should also be text through with the result so they can be added to the website quicker.  If they don't get text or put on the card, they won't get added!
Please pass this on to your teammates and anyone you know who does not access our Facebook page.